Charles Thompson

Linux Administrator and DevOps in Palo Alto, CA

Hire me

* I need to get a remote/local Linux/DNS job with my skills so I can go back to adult school. I'm the original guy. None can replace and I need my opportunity here!

* I need to improve my resume with legit ccTLD and Ansible experience for my DevOps track.

* I need a source of income so I can rent a place, go back to Silicon Valley Adult Education or Palo Alto Adult School and thus get educated while doing this stuff on the side.

* Daniel Wood's PDF should help prove to you my ccTLD expertise as I went from high school drop out to Jr. college got my MSJC 99% c++ certificate, MSJC Data/Network Communications (knowledge of BGP/routing protocols) then to doing with no previous experience as a remote salaried Linux administrator.

* I did Ruby and help desk support for BRK Group, LLC (a company that utilized's services) so I have some programming experience as a system administrator.

* My wrapping up of De Anza College's CIS18a (introduction to Linux/bash) gives me recent competence and hands on experience with scripting and the shell command prompt. I'm willing to do the LinuxAcademy track for Ansible. I am also willing to continue De Anza College in the Winter for advanced Linux.

More about me:

- Age 36, lives in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA)

- Experience spans over a decade including adding zone files/records to TWNIC,,, .er ccTLD, and (.SM) by age 16 (1999-2001). Was select few who had access to CVE-2001-0010 root exploit. - Patched (.ER) for BIND security hole and kicked "rival" hacker off system by disabling his rootkit. Worked in a two person team with ttysnoop.

- Flexible/technical can do bash; eagerly looking to learn more from DeAnza/LinuxAcademy/LinkedIn Learning.

- Object oriented programming (OOP) competence.

- Interested in doing Python

- Mentioned on MIT open source for accidentally discovering an ANSI bug with ircii-panasync (BitchX) and crashing almost all of their IRC channel on EFNet.

- Worldwide notoriety: the only ccTLD having-had-root millennial to take passion in what he does with technology.

- Creative software designer mindset: responsible for writing RealtXpress - a tool (CSV/XLS data feeder), while a student at MSJC, written in Ruby OOP, that streamlines a short sale pipeline using MRMLS real estate results found from tax records.

- Trained in Docker / Travis CI by Jack Dubie.

  • Education
    • Silicon Valley Adult Education