Charles Thompson

DevOps and Systems Engineer in Palo Alto, CA

Charles Thompson

DevOps and Systems Engineer in Palo Alto, CA

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It is he, a One at Sin who is powered by an Anu: a "Demigod" of Mummu skill. With a Kingu social order tier, and as an Enlil built one of gift he is the "Gilgamesh" branded one of the ultimate way:

an Annihilator token 🔐 (Ninhursag)

... He is thus a crisp refresher to the CI CD ways of companies in the "scene". He resides in Silicon Valley and is in with a new (but "ye olde") technical grand mastery. His ascendancy reflects ways built from a heritage within a Nuper Technology (resume available by request) and a 99% C++ certificate from MSJC. This ascendancy is reinforced from when he was doing shell scripts on 11 hardcore to the bone international Linux servers like the .AC and .SH, a Linux country-code.

His rise as the "starboy" icon is taken from his The Weeknd song and is held frame. It is taken from the ultra-high performance rich India and Pakistan ccTLD country-codes. He is the Charles Thompson, the one with a brain. He developed his viewing angle iris at way from his youth, specifically when first demonstrating his savant-like happenstance of capability in #BitchX EFNet. His capability best reflects from this, and thus consists of dimensional art aspect angles of application and "underground" of "scene" social understandings.

His way relates to a built in caliber understood from a DJ Demigod, (Dimitry Granovsky, MFT) at both skill and resourcefulness. From Dimitry came social understandings of way, such as ANSI art/modern computer art "scene" of "underground" dimension (social respects/order tier understandings: the resident coder at "ye olde" BBS).

That savant event, arising from an ANSI escape sequence glitch done by accident to the open source ircii-panasync (BitchX) IRC client's #BitchX on IRC, got him featured on MIT's website (as EFNet's "goat") in the versions.txt. Little did he know that was just the beginning...

His associations with ccTLDs name servers (a reserved power of nations by world definition, the "Hack the Planet" skilled one) landed him in a Slashdot discussion involving the " Virtual Nuked Net" at the BBC. Also, Charles Thompson is a uniquely crafty one who is into the professional use of computers and technology to achieve a desired outcome.

With a focus on personal fitness and optimal use of time, he started the first major step of his career at CityDrinker, Inc. where he gained work experience to accent his popular BBC mention of MIT-noted prestige.

Find him socially:
@globalmarduk (Twitter)
@dankchronic (Instagram)

  • Work
    • CityDrinker, Inc.
  • Education
    • De Anza College