Charles Vought

Designer, Programmer, and Project Manager in Michigan

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Charles is a knowledge worker that enjoys collaborating with forward-thinking organizations in roles that he excels in such as leadership development, mainstream technology training, and delivering exceptional customer service. He has worked in the financial sector and makes a difference in his community at every opportunity. He is fascinated by technology, business mechanics, and the role of leadership competency in the information age.

As a technology enthusiast he enjoys utilizing Windows and Macintosh platforms. Spreading awareness about how to adopt the tools to protect users online and reinforce the role technology plays to enhance our lives is an area Charles is passionate about.

Activities that are of interest to him are finding new content to read via iBooks, code training via, watching iOS Today and The Tech Guy on the TWIT network, repairing/re-using old computers, and following the ever-evolving news stories of Silicon Valley.

Charles' current projects include:
Beginning to code in XML, Javascript, Swift.