Charles Wellington

Director Risk Management in Charlotte NC

  • MBA with Honors, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
  • Fellow, Appalachian State University

Professional Expertise: Charles Wellington, a seasoned professional with a 20-year legacy, is celebrated for his multifaceted expertise in risk management, risk mitigation, business and process optimization, financial regulatory experience, and compliance. Holding an MBA with honors from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and a fellowship from Appalachian State University, Charles integrates academic rigor and practical experience seamlessly into his leadership roles.

Diverse Sector Achievements: Navigating effortlessly across public and private sectors, Charles has made enduring contributions. His illustrious journey includes pivotal roles with the Big Four accounting firms, leadership positions in the top three banking organizations, and influential collaborations with Fortune 5 companies.

Holistic Risk and Compliance Mastery: As a trailblazer in risk management, Charles excels not only in risk mitigation but also in business and process optimization, bringing a comprehensive approach to organizational success. His adept insights into financial regulatory matters and compliance underscore his ability to navigate complex landscapes, making him a sought-after expert in the risk compliance field.

Strategic Collaborations: Charles Wellington is renowned for his strategic collaborations with Fortune 5 companies, where his acumen in risk management, business optimization, and compliance played a pivotal role in achieving organizational objectives. His ability to navigate multifaceted challenges has earned acclaim across diverse industries.

Thought Leadership: Embodying thought leadership in a range of disciplines, Charles has significantly contributed to the fields of risk management, business optimization, and compliance. His dedication to advancing industry knowledge showcases a commitment to thought leadership and innovation.

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