Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy

I am a musician from Seattle. I was the leader of the band Rumors of the Big Wave in the late 80's - mid 90's, before that I was a solo artist.

My song, Burning Times has been recorded by musical artists around the world, including Ireland's Christy Moore. Light is Returning has been recorded internationally by numerous choirs and sung by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Gay Spirit became an anthem of the early Gay movement in America and Free South Africa, recorded with the Total Experience Gospel Choir, won Song of the Year at the Northwest Area Music Awards in 1990.

I left music full time to start a youth organization, bringing youth from all walks of life together with artists in a week long summer camp experience. That program is now international and called Partners for Youth Empowerment, (PYE Global).

My band had a great run in its day. We toured nationally and internationally and opened for more well known groups such as: Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Midnight Oil, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Pete Seeger and Holly Near to name a few. We were featured on a Barbara Walters special about AIDS for my song I Choose Life. We toured the US , Canada, the Soviet Union as it was crumbling and China as it was beginning to open to the west.

For many years I shared a musical partnership with acclaimed cellist Jami Sieber. Her electric cello was a signature sound of the band. She continues to tour as a solo artist, making profoundly beautiful music for albums and film.

I've always been passionate about Social Transformation and my music reflects that. In my work today as a facilitator, CEO and co-founder of a global youth development charity, I use music and all the arts to help young people and adults find their spark.

My album Burning Times is now available in digital download on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon. Search: Rumors of the Big Wave.

Our book on building Creative Community is also available through our website-see links below