Charlie-Helen Robinson

Public Relations, Social Media Manager, and Communications in Adelaide, Australia

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Hello. Thanks for dropping by to read my profile! With more than 20 years’ experience in private, not for profit, and government roles, I've specialised in communications, social media engagement, community and media relations. I use social media to share messages, network with contacts and to stay abreast of what's happening in my industry - as well as updates relating to my craft (communications).With a Diploma Frontline Management, during my career, I have explained or raised awareness of programs, projects and products to a vast array of audiences, across a plethora of communication channels and platforms, within a diverse group of industries.I'm a published author and an ongoing student with the University of South Australia. Of recent years, I have predominantly worked within the health and medico industry. I am a resident of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.I enjoy promoting the work of professionals through digital channels in the main but a good old fashioned community day or conference/ seminar can be great for face to face.

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