Charly Maíz

Consultant, Editor, and Social Media Manager in Argentina

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Charly Maiz born July 29, 1989, Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, (Argentina) is a Talent Manager, Public Relations Manager, politician, businessman, entrepreneur and international speaker.

He owns the Radio Shock and provides advertising, public relations and promotional services for entertainers, celebrities, public officials, entrepreneurs and growth seeking businesses. Comprehensive consulting services Streaming audio and video, to properly accelerate and focus the strategy and development of your business. Projects web communication, based on that will help transform your business vision or digital communication, taking advantage of new technology opportunities.

Hashplay is a website that uses #hashtags to collaboratively create, control & share playlists directly form social networks.
Hashplay allows media producers to market their content directly to strategic niches using form social networks.
It automagically creates and shares social playlists based on what is said around hashtags, crowd-curating them in real time.

Former candidate councilor in Buenos Aires.

He collaborated in organizing of various events including TEDx and Twestival

Being a Partner Trance FM, the first Electronica community in Argentina, has given him experience working with FM radio broadcasts and simultaneous streaming.