ChefWorld Inc.

For over 30 years, ChefWorld Inc. has manufactured high-quality cookware for health conscious consumers. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the lids designed for the pots and pans in ChefWorld Inc.’s inventory are vapor-sealed to enhance the flavors and keep nutrients intact in the foods. ChefWorld Inc. cookware is constructed of stainless steel and designed to enable cooks to prepare meals without grease or water. Understanding the rigors associated with daily use, ChefWorld Inc. designed its cookware so that it will last a lifetime.

ChefWorld Inc. offers a number of packages for simple purchasing. The state-of-the-art cookware in the 23-piece set includes an 8-quart stockpot, 3.5-quart sauce pot with a cover, small fry pan with a cover, steamer, egg rack, and double boiler. Offering sets to fit a variety of lifestyles, 8-piece and 15-piece sets are available as well. ChefWorld Inc. customers who prepare meals for large families, or those who love to entertain, will enjoy the jumbo premium package with a 12-quart stock pot, grill pan, 20-quart stock pot with lid, and jumbo skillet with dome cover.

In addition to providing cookware for the preparation of healthy foods, ChefWorld Inc.’s other products promote environmental cleanliness and health. For example, the home cleaning system sanitizes floors while eliminating odors with a wet/dry cleaner, vacuum, and mop tool. The company’s water purification system can hook up to a household sink or the shower and helps eliminate impurities in water, and the air filtration system reduces the number of toxins in the air and indoor pollutants. To learn more about how ChefWorld Inc. complements healthy lifestyles, visit

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