Chelsea Klukas

Seattle, Washington, United States

I'm the owner of Chelsea Klukas Creative where I do design, advertising, branding, print, UX, illustration and web design. View my portfolio.

I'm a co-founder and the Marketing director of Make Fashion, an initiative focused on fusing wearable tech with high fashion. We've hosted two sold-out runway shows in Calgary and have showcased our projects internationally.

I write about design careers and my current projects at Design Ergomania. I also guest blog in a number of publications about on tech, design, food, and culture. I speak about design careers, networking, and portfolio building to students and young professionals.

I just moved to Seattle to design at Amazon. Before that I was the Creative Director at Beaucoo, and did UX and Design for mobile and tablet applications at Decoder. I was on the Board of Directors for Digital Alberta and on the Board for Swallow-a-Bicycle theatre company. I'm still learning about the Seattle community and would love to connect with anyone in the arts and technology space.

I have a fine arts background and I still draw, paint, and take photos. I share photos on instagram, flickr, and tumblr