Chelsie Patterson

Product Management and Entreprenuership in Chicago, Illinois

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My parents started their own business in 1983, a wholesale and retail seafood store in Dayton, Ohio. As a child, I’d knock clam shells together to see which ones were whole. As a teen, I’d serve clients salmon filets and shrimp platters. As a young adult, I utilized my career-driven skills to develop their website and social media channels. Hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit were instilled in me from a young-age.

In my most recent Account Management role, I established key relationships with several, global enterprise companies. For over three years, I partnered with brand-, product- and technology- owners from an array of verticals including consumer, healthcare, safety science and more to create unique digital implementation plans. My largest client was a Fortune 500 global healthcare company with over $10B in sales. I worked closely with their internal communications and technology team to create a platform integration plan that centralized over 100+ diverse websites.

More recently, I founded Give Memento Inc., a software application that personalizes the peer-to-peer payment process for monumental life events. We recently completed University of Chicago's Polsky Accelerator program and was awarded a $10K SAFE agreement. As part of this experience, I hired two interns, a designer, a copywriter and a developer for our prototype. I also worked directly with our lawyer to incorporate our company, create contractor agreements and build a term sheet. In addition to team building and necessary documentation, I conducted 50+ customer discovery interviews to inform our product roadmap and pricing strategies.

These experiences highlight my ability to multitask, manage teams and ultimately make strategic decisions.

  • Work
    • Give Memento Inc.
  • Education
    • Ohio State University
    • University of Chicago, Booth MBA