Che Pablo Álvarez

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

I'm a Singer/Songwriter/Actor from Venezuela who wants to make the best of my time in this world.

I was born on the west cost of my country. There I began to sing almost daily, driving my neighbors crazy sometimes and performing at every school act that I could. Moved to the capital at 16, I studied journalism and Mass Media as an excuse to keep me in the university's theater group. In there, literature and poetry invaded my soul. I learned to cut the wood and make scenaries out of nothing, do hair and makeup, perform aerial acrobatics and of course, acting. Let me tell you something, I've done tone of things to earn my lvings, but I've never worked as a journalist... ever.

From 2004 to 2006 I worked in a sitcom called Guayoyo Express for a venezuelan TV network (TELEVEN), with the role of Camilo Buendíaz. I have played roles in big venezuelan musical productions like The Fiddler on the Roof as Mendel; in Jesus Christ Superstar as Simon Zealotes and in The Sound of Music as Rölf.

I was also in a band called Bulevar. A mix of pop, funk and latin soul. Two voices and two guitars were the lead. We recorded and album named "Qué" (What), shot a videoclip for the song "Te voy a enloquecer" (I'll drive u crazy) and got two songs in the top ten chart. Other two songs were part of venezuelan soup operas.

But the world keeps spinnig, as I moved to Barcelona. I studied for DOP and Camera in filmmaking, as i feel obsessed with involvoing in every aspect of the crafting of artistic productions.

I want to create, to discover, to share and connect the dots, while we enjoy our path.

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