Cheryl Johnson

Artist and Writer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cheryl Johnson

Artist and Writer in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Eternal optimist.

Artist, writer, photographer, and Imagineer. I paint emotions, people, places and things. I write about Feelings. I am an American Abstract Expressionist Painter and Photographer.

Changing the world one great idea at a time.

As Ansel Adams says... “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

And to quote my favorite painter, Joan Mitchell. "Feeling is something more; it’s feeling your existence. It’s not just survival. Painting is a means of feeling- really ”living”…

“My philosophy is a very simple one: I believe in creativity, imagination, and self-expression. I am a painter. I think art can have something important to say about the human condition. At its best, and in any era, great painting is exciting. It can take us somewhere we remember or haven’t been before, provoking us into new areas of thought and feeling."

I aspire to create art that is beautiful, exquisitely crafted, and that forces us to change how we experience the spaces we share with the art.

I AM A PAINTER. I want my work to exude joy, celebration, measured clarity and a sense of self. - I WANT TO SHARE A MOMENTS PLEASURE. Cheryl

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