Cheryl Johnson

Artist, Writer, and Public Speaker in Hawaii

Cheryl Johnson

Artist, Writer, and Public Speaker in Hawaii

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Eternal optimist.

Studios in Charlotte, NC, and Kaua'i. Artist, writer, photographer, and Imagineer. I paint emotions, people, places and things. I write about Feelings. I am an American Abstract Expressionist Painter and Photographer.

Changing the world one great idea at a time.

As Ansel Adams says... “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

And to quote my favorite painter, Joan Mitchell. "Feeling is something more; it’s feeling your existence. It’s not just survival. Painting is a means of feeling ”living”… .Painting is the only art form except still photography which is without time.

Music takes time to listen to and ends, writing takes time and ends, movies ends, ideas and even sculpture take time.

Painting does not. It never ends, it is the only thing that is both continuous and still, Then I can be very happy.

It’s a still place. It’s like one word, one image." I agree...I want my work to exude joy, celebration, measured clarity and a sense of self. Creating art is more about communicating what I’m feeling than what I’m seeing.

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