Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Company Director, Consultant, and Volunteer in Sydney, Australia

If you want to know more detailed information about me then please visit myLinkedIn Profile; for Domain Name and Numbering activityICANN Community Wiki ;Now (semi) retired, for more general information and to learn more about me I provide the following precise of some of my working life ...

About me:- Forty(ish) years ago I left my Post-Grad research and career as a tutor in Physiology (continuing as a Teaching Associate at the Asia Pacific Research Institute of Macquarie University during the early 2000 years) to operate our family-owned microenterprise, Hovtek Pty. Limited, until June 2018.

Our clients in Australia were Micro Businesses and SMEs - and internationally mainly SMEs, Government (including Local Gov), Aid Funded bodies, NGO's, Not For Profits and Educational Offices and allied instrumentalities.

I also managed (and continue to do so) our portfolio of Patents and IP, as well as a small portfolio of domain names in .au as well as in the global DNS, but most importantly, I am an avid end-user of the Internet for work and recreation and firmly believe and advocate that the Internet should be seen as a public asset and needs to be developed and maintained as a cost-effective and accessible resource for communication, education, community, social and business opportunities by the Australian and Global community.

In 2003, we started a spin-off project called BuildersNet, which was developed from some of the TQM (ISO-9002 etc.,) activities of Hovtek; this went from an online application to become a stand-alone Australian Company that relied totally on the Internet to facilitate its operation and day to day business...