Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Company Director, Consultant, and Volunteer in Sydney, Australia

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About me:- Thirty-six(ish) years ago I left my Post-Grad research and career as a tutor in Physiology (continuing as Teaching Associate at the Asia Pacific Research Institute of Macquarie University during the early 2000 years) to operate our family owned microenterprise, Hovtek Pty. Limited, until June 2018.

Our clients in Australia were Micro Businesses and SMEs - and internationally mainly SMEs, Government (including Local Gov), Aid Funded bodies, NGO's, Not For Profits and Educational office and instrumentalities.

I also managed a small portfolio of Patents and IP. I was all that time and still am, primarily a telecommuter, and licensee of a small portfolio of domain names in .au as well as in the global DNS, but most importantly, I am an avid end-user of the Internet for work and recreation.

In 2003, we started a spin-off project called BuildersNet, which was developed from some of the TQM (ISO-9002 etc.,) activities of Hovtek; this went form an online application to became a stand-alone Australian Company that relied totally on the Internet to facilitate its operation...

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