Digital Marketing and Business Strategist in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Digital Innovation Strategist, Change Manager and Educator. Speaker on topics about Digital, Social and The connected world.

My name is Cherylann and this is my happy place... the web. I am a consultant and as my friends would say, I have digital DNA. I focus on identifying emerging technology, behaviour and business trends and out of these synthesising applicable strategies for brands, by inspiring innovation through creative solutions. I am a social media junkie and a tech enthusiast.

While I'm not working on strategy, presenting at a conference or writing, you can find me in my art studio, practicing yoga or at boxing. My favourite city, Barcelona is the perfect example of why soccer is called the most beautiful sport in the world. Lover of cats. Explorer. iPhotographer. Social creature. Traveller. Blogger. Eternal Optimist. Believer in love.

Wherever you go, wherever you travel in the world to find all things beautiful, you must carry it with you or you'll never find it! The best thing about travelling is not only the wonderful things you see, but also the wonderful people you meet along the way! Happiness that's not present at the start of a journey will not be present at its end.

I'd love to hear from you, feel free to message me.