Cheryl L. Thomas

An author, minister, life engagement coach and transfomational speaker, Cheryl is the Founder of Becoming Engaged® Enterprises, Inc., a three-tiered service corporation that offers motivational tools and materials to assist Christians in their path to purpose and destiny.

In her highest mission, Cheryl helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and discontent with their lives by throwing them a much needed lifeline. Her clients are people who desperately want to change because they know life can be better, but are held captive by fear and a thought process that makes it hard for them to see that it can happen for them too.

After years of hiding in the shadows of her own life, afraid to try new things for fear of failure, Cheryl finally uncovered a universal truth that has since changed her life. “The life you have is the one you’ve created.” With this newfound revelation, she set out on a mission to forge a life that was true to her natural gifts, fed her soul and was in harmony with her desire to see others living and loving life too!

Today, she is no longer running from life. She is building the life of her dreams, one day at a time. A life that doesn’t ask her to shrink from her authentic self, but celebrates her divine uniqueness. Her mission in life is to teach YOU to do the same.