Cheyenne Peerson

New York, NY

Hi, girl to the very left of the photo speaking (your left, not mine). Cheyenne is my middle name, and for one reason or another it's what I go by. I was born in November within the borders of a New-Mexican town where we had a spaceship instead of a playground at McDonald's. I'm 20 now, which means my vision is blurrier but I still jump up and down when anything exciting happens.

These days, I spend my time working towards a major that nobody knows (Global Liberal Studies) concentrating in saving the world (Politics, Human Rights, & Development) and minoring in fun for good measure (Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology). I've got an intern situation going on at Red Hot Organization, a non-profit creative production company that changes lives and is constantly filled with tea, good music, and long talks about Beyoncé. Because I seem to be a masochist when it comes to free time, I'm also part of the Hashtag NYU crew, helping people realize there's a lot more to our college than BBQ and being anti-social on the campus bus.

I watch the Puppy Bowl instead of the SuperBowl, am a firm believer the best chocolate chip cookie in existence is at Levain Bakery on 77th, and want to be Jennifer Lawrence when I grow up. I've got wanderlust major and spent most of last summer in a tent at music festivals across the country and loved every minute of it. Breakfast foods, twinkle lights, my record player, adventures, and books you can't put down make me very, very happy.

One time I made eye-contact with Ryan Gosling. That was nice.

  • Education
    • New York University