Chhavi Sachdev

Podcaster independent radio producer journalist and Editor in Mumbai, India

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displanted desi | communications consultant | Radio::Web::Print | Podcasts, radio journalism, workshops, production, playlists & original spoken word content : @ Sonologue

I'm a radio, web, and print journalist by training, and a podcaster and independent radio producer. When I'm not traveling (just point me in any direction), I'm listening out for stories that reveal the quirks of the human condition as well as show the good that exists in the world with a focus on science, social enterprise and the environment. My radio work has been broadcast on PRI, DW, NPR, and the BBC. I used to be the South Asia correspondent for Radio Netherlands.

Currently, I'm focused on podcasting and spoken word content. I produce two podcasts and consult with organizations and individuals who need advice or direction to launch a podcast, or give their own audio content a facelift.

Under the banner of Sonologue, my audio production house, I not only do production and audio consulting, I also undertake workshops on journalism, podcasting, radio, audio storytelling and content creation. Podcasting workshops are tailored for news/media organizations, colleges, non profits and corporations. I frequently do primers for DIY Podcasting across India.

Previously, I headed content for AudioCompass - taking heritage sites from inception and routing to lushly produced self-guided audio tours. These have included historical narratives presenting facts through fictionalized narrators, first person travelogues, as well as more standardised third-person tours. To produce these international-quality long-form tours, I vetted and worked with a team of script writers, travellers, experienced voice artists & actors, studios, sound engineers, sound designers, and producers.

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    • radio & jrn
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    • MA in Journalism, Northeastern University
    • BA in Literature & Psychology, King College