X-Country Guide:

In the summer of 2010 I planned and executed a solo bike tour from Chicago to San Francisco, which I completed in 39 days. I had only two or three 50 mile bike rides under my belt before then... (and I did it on a fixed-gear bike).

There are many guide books out there that get into the mechanical, gritty details of preparing for touring. However, most are written by seasoned professionals. That means they've long-forgotten some of the less mechanical concerns and misconceptions of the first-time tourer. As a recent first-time cross-country tourer, I'd like to share my stories with you to entertain you and prepare you with the lessons I learned on the road.

My Chi-to-San-Fran tour taught me about myself, about the US, and about the keys to succesful touring. In my class and tour guide, I share my experiences to get you on the road.

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