Sin Ngee CHIA


Sin, an expert in Chiang Mai and Singapore's real estate.

As a Real Estate Salesperson, Sin spends her time in Chiang Mai and Singapore, doing research to help home buyers find a place they can call HOME.

Sin believes in the magic of a HOME. You walk in the door and things feel a little bit lighter. You settle into your favourite chair for the night and your home embraces you; it makes you feel supported, taken care of, and at peace.

HOME is more than making a place that is pleasant to the eye, it is also about making a place that is a representation of who we are and what we love.

First time home buyers, your home may be small in size but it can be vast in heart. Lookout for a home with good investment opportunity, take a position just before the market turns and you are on your way to your dream home!

  • Work
    • Kingsfield-Asia Estates Agency
  • Education
    • Certified CEA Real Estate Salesperson (Singapore)
    • Diploma in Creative Arts