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Singapore, Singapore

Abusiness partnership begins on a good note when two partners agree on sharingideas and responsibilities in order to start a new venture. However somewherealong the line, there could emerge working problems regarding decision-makingor asset sharing. Whatever the scenario, any such dispute has the power todirectly affect the business in question, which is why the support of a good partnershipdispute attorney can ease many problems before they have a chance to rise and threatenthe foundation of your venture. An attorney like Chia BoonTeck who is well-versed with partnership disputes can make a hugedifference when it comes to clearing many of the issues you are currentlyfacing in this regard.

Asyour lawyer, Chia BoonTeck has the experience to help you out in your partnership disputematters. There are several different ways in which to begin a dialogue in orderto solve the problems that have risen. A discussion or negotiation can helpunderstand where the trouble is and how it can be solved. With an expertcounsel by your side, you will be in a better position to negotiate or mediate regardingthe dispute. With almost 19 years of experience in this field and numerous winson cases pertaining to these same aspects, you can besure that this law firm is the right agency to help you out of any situationyou find yourself in.

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    • Chia Wong LLP
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    • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom