chiaki nanami

Artist in the United States

chiaki nanami

Artist in the United States

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hi there!

🌟 I'm Nanami!

💫 Ace?

☁️ My pronouns are she/her, and then they/them!

⚡️if you know my real name, you're free to refer to me as that as well!!


mmm it's that time! kin time!

Me 100%, way past kin, me me me: chiaki nanami.

ID: kurumi tokiwa, toko fukawa, nico yazawa

Main: rise kujikawa, kirino kousaka, tomoko kuroki, effie (fire emblem fates) satsuki kiryuin

sympaths/not kin at all: monaca towa, kotoko utsugi, hiyoko saionji, mimi watagi

🎍please do not follow if we share any kins (sympaths are ok tho!)

🌿🍃friends' kins🍃🌿

sakura fujimiya, ryuko matoi, michelle watagi, sakura (fire emblem fates) elise (fire emblem fates) onoda sakamichi, madoka kaname, megpoid gumi, fortune (skullgirls) ibuki mioda, clay terran

🎍please don't follow if you share any of these kins


- apocalypse mentions / pictures

- terrorism mentions / pictures

- giant isopod pictures

- trypophobia

- car/plane crashes

- human science experiments

🌼 please refrain from following if you post things like these.

🌙do not follow if:

⚡️•you ship incestous/abusive/pedophilic ships and are not a survivor

dm a picture of monomi and I'll accept u maybe!! thank u for reading this, it means a lot