👾Chiaki👾 ♦️Harley♦️

Dysfunctional Nerd in Ohio

👾Chiaki👾 ♦️Harley♦️

Dysfunctional Nerd in Ohio

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•My age will make you uncomfortable

•You are triggered by caps lock

•You are just here to spread any kind of hate

•You don't like any of my friends (Sawyer, Andy, Paul, Magnus)

•You don't specify between what you've been professionally diagnosed with and what you've been self diagnosed with

•We share a canon and you already know a double of me in it (ask if it's one of my kin but it's non negotiable for IDs)

•You are a double (I have nothing against doubles they just make me uncomfortable and feel invalid)

•You won't see me as my kin or as invalid/won't tag me as any of my main or secondary IDs

•You are easily offended/bothered/triggered by cussing/mature content (R-rated level)

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