The most annoying person in New York


The most annoying person in New York

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hi there! please read this before requesting to follow me!

here's a little abt me:

✧ im maria

✧ im 15 yrs old + a pisces (feb 27)!

✧ im an infp + a lawful good!

✧ im female!

✧ if you share any of my interests please interact with me!

main interests (what my posts mainly consist of):

✧ halsey

✧ twenty one pilots

✧ troye sivan

other interests (i occasionally post these):

✧ anime (llsif, dr / sdr2, znt, hxh, hq!!, and erased are my favs!)

✧ other bands/singers (the 1975, arctic monkeys, melanie martinez, hayley kiyoko, grouplove, the shins, cage the elephant, catfish and the bottlemen, vesperteen, alt j, and portugal. the man!)

before you follow me:

✧ warn me if you post nsfw, spiders, or trypophobia stuff!!! this stuff makes me extremely uncomfy so please do your best to warn me if you post them.

✧ my best friend is frisk !! if you have any problems with them don't even try to follow.

✧ do not request to follow if i have blocked you on previous accounts!

✧ i curse + talk in caps a lot so if that bothers you i would suggest not following me.

✧ dm me for my other social media!

thank you for taking the time to read this!!!