yo i'm matt it rhymes with cat i play baseball with a bat and in chairs i've sat........getting tired of that.

anyway, hey, i'm matt, 15 years old and my birthday is april 12.

mentally ill (did gad npd bpd bd psychosis)

nd (autism + adhd)

puertorican + ashkenazi hebrew + israeli hebrew


yo i id as some characters outside of my race; though i understand it's inappropriate to do so i cannot give them up because of my psychosis, and because i use them as a coping mechanism! thanks


sans (ut)

leon (fe14)

katsuki bakugou (bnha)


alibaba (magi)

soul evans (soul eater)


chiaki morisawa (enstars)

rin okumura (ane)

jinta yadomi (anohana)