Chian Quah

Architect, interior design, and retail design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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In 2011, ChianQuah returned to Malaysia, his place of birth after his confidant, closest friend, believer and father demised suddenly from a heart-attack whilst playing golf at the age of 56. This event changed ChianQuah's view on life as an architect in toto. Trained and nurtured at the University of Melbourne and at Grimshaw Architects, ChianQuah had always observed the comforts and optimisms of people's lives until this tragedy.

Upon his return to Malaysia, ChianQuah worked at several upmarket architectural practices and ultimately found the generally opulent and luxurious view on architectural influence was gradually dissipating from his raison d'être. After several opportunities were tried and tested and after several failed attempts to establish a connection with the architectural setting in Malaysia, ChianQuah ended up depleted of professional inspiration and real-life funds.

Exhausted and probably as a sign of defeat, Chian Quah established Studio-Asean focusing on The Tropical Avant-Garde. The Tropical Avant-Garde reverts back to the days when design was much more basic and reactionary to the conditions around the region of South-East Asia.

Studio-Asean focuses on high performance sustainable architectural design of housing and retail developments around the South-East Asian region. Embarking on the current and upcoming trends of The Tropical Avant-Garde, the practice is dedicated to evaluate the extra-ordinary diversity in cultural values and economies of the countries around South-East Asia. Studio-Asean's retail and housing development work is characterised by strong cultural connection, material innovation and careful environmental design nuances to deeply affect human interaction with architectural and building outcomes.

Chian Quah has more than 10 years of Architectural Design experience from working at some of the most highly awarded firms such as Grimshaw (Melbourne), LOOK Architects (Singapore) and ZLG Design (Malaysia). His most recent work with Studio-Asean include involvements on the largest retail, commercial and housing development in Malaysia, TRX (Tun Razak Exchange), under world-class international architects, Grimshaw. In the past 2 years, via Studio-Asean, ChianQuah has developed the architecture to highly sought after F&B and retail & commercial business outlets in social-media streams; Beta Restaurant& Bar near KLCC and VCR Cafe in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Chian Quah

  • Work
    • GRIMSHAW, LOOK Architects, ZLG
  • Education
    • M ARCH | Uni of Melbourne, B PD (Arch) | Uni of Melbourne