Chiara Zin

Self-employed in Belfast, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Chiara. I’m an Italian girl and a small business owner living in Belfast, United Kingdom. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, politics, and technology. I've a genuine passion for assets management. Over the years I accumulated solid knowledge and understanding of investing in different industries and I can predict market trends and cycles and I love to make the right move at the right time. Risk management and strategy are also a very important part of my process.

Personal profile: I value self-development, constant personal and professional growth. I have got the willingness to learn and go into new projects in different fields and industries and make a great contribution.

Key skills: Sales and negotiation skills, speed reader, fast learner, problem solving mindset, strategic skills, execution ability under pressure, adaptability, high awareness. I have an investor mentality in everything I do, I invest in my knowledge, mind and body to bring better results and add more value to the projects I am working on.

Social skills: Always described as a bubbly person and with the sun on my face I try to transmit good energy and good mood to the people around me, as I enjoy being a social influencer. I always maintain, however, the humility to listen and constantly learn from the people who are ahead of me, with a smile and a positive attitude. I love to meet people in person, ask them questions and create rapport with them, I aim to make people feel good in each and every interaction, and also make great business deal for everybody.

Language skills: Italian, German, English, Spanish