Chiara Proietti Silvestri

Analyst in Bologna, Italia

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Hi, my name is Chiara!Class of 1986. I was born in the South of Italy, in the wonderful town of Lecce, after a turbolent birth. I had so much urgency to come into the world that I decided to do that one month before the time. Ever since, I have been fighting against time. Always in a hurry, I spend most of my time trying to be after my thousands of interests and ideas. Singing in a chorus, pilates, skiing, cooking, dancing tango, reading ...and other -ing stuff!

I lived the following 19 years in Spoleto, a magic medieval village in Umbria. It's probably for my two-regions belonging that I don't feel to belong to any place in particular. I actually belong to the people I care. I go where my job is, but Italy is always my first choice. I like travelling but I also like return.
After high school, I decided to follow my passions, but they were so much that I got a sense that interdisciplinarity would have been my real life choice. So, I decided to study International and Diplomatic Science in Forlì and I never turned back. I've also been an erasmus student, falling in love with Malta: it was an exciting, emotional experience of growth, where I deeply understood, among others, the power of multicultural dialogue, the power of friendship, the power of love and my limits to handle all of these gifts.
Now, I live in Bologna where I work as an energy analyst. Studing and writing about energy policy is my job, and I love it. I'm also involved in consensus-building process, energy economics and international relations. Obviously, I couldn't stop with that, so I decided to rest in contact with another great passion discovered at university, working as an orientation tutor. Therefore, I just opened my personal blog where I write about high school student and graduate orientation!

Other things, in short:

I do believe in God. God is Love.

I do believe that every person must give his/her talent a chance.

I study Russian. Это прекрасный язык.

I'm a proud camper-user. Travelling gets a deeper taste when you can live in a close contact with nature.

I'm currently fascinated by social media communication. I find it a world full of interesting people and stimulating minds.

I'm trying to learn sinthesis, but I still need time to refine. ;)

ps: the photo's author is my buddy and good photographer Giacomo Sparaciari

  • Work
    • Junior Analyst at Energy Consultancy R.I.E.
  • Education
    • University of Bologna, Forlì Campus