Chiara Ferrari

Writer, Copywriter, and Consultant in Modena, Italia

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Greetings, I’m Chiara. I’m a writer living in Modena, Italia. I am a fan of movies, entrepreneurship, and writing. I’m also interested in coffee and yoga.

My job is writing thoughtful content and bringing good writing awareness to companies. I write, edit, create puns to supply useful, human communication beyond stiff standards. Yes, that's basically copywriting: a tricky word to be explained in Italy. You know when you’re at a dinner party, and they ask: 'What do you do?' And you’re like “Uhm. I do things like writing catalogs.” when really you want to explain that it’s not just that but so much more? Content writing is not just about putting fancy words and sentences together to fill blank spaces. It's not just about appropriate grammar or SEO (so that Google likes us). It's something quite harder, but beautiful. It's about really getting under the skin of brands and businesses and gathering together their purposes, their image (is it smart? serious? ironic?) and their spirit into something unique. Something that sounds human, something that connects and resonates