Chiara Molina

Torino, Italy

I'm the web content manager of Domino.

I currently manage and I manage, and All of the are based on Share Point. I directed the team of the first release of and directly manage the content of UK and .com.
In the last year I managed based on LifeRay.

Because of the worldwide rollout of the Fiat website, I kept classes for teaching to the foreign web agencies how to manage the cms.

I started to learn how to manage CMSs when I was 20, so I'm pretty good at this.

Order and precision are the keywords of my work and every time I start a new project I learn new ways to apply them.

Untill now I didn't met a CMS too difficult to understand.

If it's a CMS, I will manage.

  • Work
    • Content Managment
  • Education
    • Art and Show degree at IUAV
    • Tecniques Storytelling Master at Holden School