Chiara Amisola

activist, founder, and Student in Manila, Philippines

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Chia Amisola is an eighteen-year old student at Yale University from Manila, Philippines.

Revolving around the intertwine of the languages of logic and emotion, she is a full-stack developer, startup founder, poet, activist, computing education advocate, and is bad at math.

She is the Founder & President of Developh, a global technology nonprofit for accessible computer science education and inclusive + student-led innovation that now spans 450+ members and has impacted over 50,000 students with a plan to develop comprehensive technology education materials for developing countries and schools. Running a nonprofit that develops software and applications for social solutions, Batid, co-founded with her friends for a hackathon--is an internationally-recognized incident crime reporting tool that has won in the Microsoft Imagine Cup, Australian Robotics Challenge, International Robotics Olympiad, and has been trained under an incubator and published in an Emerging Technologies Journal. Furthermore, she is the undercover head of Timawa, a digital publication for the Philippine youth and Labandera, a feminist organization creating and curating media and literature to advance social movements and ideas for the developing world, a group co-founded at Yale University. Chiara is also part of WiTech, The Brown Orient, Line Break, Yale Helix, Yale Computer Society, and other groups. Her writing has been published in international journals.

Dreaming of reinventing the technology scene to be diverse, inclusive, and to create for the world rather than the self--she writes, codes, and acts.

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