Tell us a little bit about yourself. Uh-huh. Something nice is supposed to be here, right?

Well then.

Hullo. My name is aaaahhhh whatever just call me Chibi.

I'm a Computer Science graduate; currently working as a designer in a local magazine. My hobbies include music (genres: mostly heavy stuff, and just rock/instrumental music in general), bass guitar, and drawing...

...oooh hell yeah, I love drawing. When I grow up (I'm in my early twenties but eh...) I want to marry Photoshop. Kidding. (Or not!).

Yeah, computer graphics, and pencil doodling, I like it. Also, I try myself as a comicbook colourist. Marvel, here I come!

Yeah, another thing that makes my life brighter and gives me inspiration is Marvel comics. Big fan of Rogue from X-Men! I made at least six people fall in love with her. You're next. Haha.

Oh, i also occasionally play DotA 2. I'm not the best player but I can give the enemy team a good beating (sometimes).

Well, I guess that's all for now. We might get along, who knows.

p.s. Ozzy rules, okay?

p.p.s. We don't own cats. Cats own us. Period.