Dancer, Actor, and Fitness Instructor in Nigeria


Dancer, Actor, and Fitness Instructor in Nigeria

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Greetings, I’m JONES DI GREAT. I’m a dancer living in Nigeria. I am a fan of dance, acting, and movies. I’m also interested in programming and arts.


Known as 'Jones di great' Chibuisi Jones Onyekachi (23rd May 1999) is a great dancer. From grade three, Jones started his dancing career. He attended Intellectual Giant Christian Schools Aba, Abia state and the last child in a family of three.

He had a habit He expressed with keen enthusiasm which made him develop this great talent and currently has danced professionally for four years now.

He won Teens Talent Show(TTS) for two years consecutively; 2017/2018 and Aba got talent competition. He is the dance judge for 2019 TTS. Jones has been to Calabar carnival and was an instructor at Ukwa carnival 2018.

As a result of this great passion in his heart he started a dance school and as it stands He is the CEO of Jones dance company. He is a professional dancer, creative dance coach, director and instructor.

Getting to know Jones is getting to know dance as everything about him is dance. He loves dancing as it gives him life, value and respect. He gets satisfaction and completion with dance. Meeting Jones on the stage you will get to see a state of complete happiness and joy. Dancing gives him inspiration and Michael Jackson(late) contributed to this inspiration.

I believe Jones sees a future with dancing because it is future. Soon dance will take over the world which have already started. There is no life without dance because dance gives life to everything as he normally says. To an extent, Jones dancing skill have been a great blessing to his generation as he serves as an inspiration to others and JDC has groomed lots of upcoming dancers.

To the upcoming and fellow dancers out there Jones di great is saying make dance your life and it will surely keep you alive.


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