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Chicago-A Place Worth to Visit

Chicago, officially known as the 'City of Chicago' is considered as one of the largest cities in the United States. In terms of population, it is the third largest city in the U.S. This city is known to be located in Illinois on the shores of Lake Michigan and is considered as the principal city of the 'Chicago Metropolitan Area'. In recent years, it has gained a lot of fame due to its bold architecture along with the fact that it has the highest number of rail-roads and highways in the U.S.

History Of Chicago

Chicago was basically established as a town in 1833 between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes near a portage and it consisted of around 200 families. Around the mid-nineteenth century, it grew rapidly in terms of population and modernization with the incorporation of many neighboring townships and started to gain popularity as a multicultural city. In due course of time, because of its superb economy, it attracted a large number of people from Europe and eastern U.S. and made them to migrate from their respective places. In 1900, 77% of the total population in Chicago were either foreigners or kids of foreign parents who were migrated here. Later on, the citizens and the community of Chicago turned their attention towards the public health and discovered remedies of urban diseases like Cholera, Yellow Fever and Small Pox.

Chicago- A Passionate Sports Town

In 1993, 2006, and 2010, Chicago was named as the best sports city in the United States by Sporting News. This city is well known for the continuous hosting of major professional sports along with Boston. Furthermore, it has acquired its place among the six cities who won championships in the major professional leagues in the United States. It is also counted among the three cities who won soccer championships.Additionally, the Chicago Marathon, which is being held every year since 1977 is one of the six major marathons in the world.

Chicago Tourism

Along with its eye-catching history and its achievements, Chicago has many other things that make it a perfect place for tourism. Due to the numerous attractive places worth visiting and its geographical beauty, one can easily plan