Chicago Hustles

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago Hustles Magazine is an independent digital magazine produced by a creative duo (yeah just two of us) that shares the passionate stories of artists and entrepreneurs located in Chicago. In a city like Chicago with so much constantly going on, it often takes many hustles to pursue one’s dream. We have heard so many interesting and inspiring stories from creative entrepreneurs over the years that we wanted to create a platform that would allow us to share these stories to hopefully ignite passion right here in CHICAGO.

Our goal is to find or showcase the amazing artists, independent businesses and entrepreneurs whom you may not know that make this city amazing. Consider us the dive bar with the best music compared to the concert venues (bigger local publications). Chicago Hustles Magazine takes pride in supporting those that pursue their goals with the same determination that stimulated their growth. We continue to be inspired by you, your stories and your creative hustle.

Launched in October 2011 we have since tenaciously documented the happenings of Chicago as well as showcasing some of its most amazing talent. As of Feb 2015 Chicago Hustles Magazine has documented 568 events, shot over 5k photos (in person) and hit over 1.7 million views.

The time has come in 2015 for us to expand our passion by publishing a quarterly downloadable PDF via our partner ISSUU. If we can raise the capital or find the right angel investors we would like to print 5k copies to circulate around Chicago quarterly showcasing all things INDIE in the city. To begin, we aim to print a 144 page magazine in 6.5 X 9 inch format to be circulated for FREE within indie establishments here in Chicago. Why is it free? Well, because we believe inspiration should also be free. We hope to hear about how you were reading CHM on the red line on your way into work and decided to get off, go home & start a business doing what you LOVE.

<strong>Our motto is simple, PASSION is everything.</strong>

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