Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Chicago, IL

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers a variety of behavioral health health programs and services for children, adolescents, and adults that may be struggling with alcohol/drug abuse, psychiatric issues, or dual diagnosis, a combination of both. Located on the north side of the city, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital utilizes a variety of recognized methods, including individual sessions, group therapy, and family sessions, with pharmaceutical intervention as needed. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital also offers a comprehensive program known as Valeo to aid LGBTQ patients, providing a safe, therapeutic environment while they undergo treatment. Each Valeo staff member receives sensitivity and cultural diversity training. Patients regularly rate their experience with the program very highly. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital addiction treatment focuses on giving patients new control over their lives. Treatment can be based on a wide variety of programs and methods, used alone or in combination as suits each patient. These services include detox, rehab, family therapy, crisis intervention, medication, group and individual therapy, and specialty programs for those with a history of abuse or trauma. The Chicago Lakeshore Hospital team also helps with the development of post-treatment plans, including counseling, recovery planning, and stepping down to the next level of care. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital focuses on matching psychiatric treatment to the patient, offering different sets of programs to children, teens, and adults. The hospital’s program for children focuses on family systems and dynamics aimed at developmental accomplishments. The teen program works with families and schools and includes opportunities for children and adolescents to keep up with their schoolwork while in therapy. Treatment for adults can involve family intervention and various stages of inpatient and partial hospital care.

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