Artist and Musician in Chicago, Illinois

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Since the age of 16 PHIL G. has been determined to become a noteworthy MC and gifted songwriter. The mid 90s gave birth to this obsession that eventually made Phil a popular and highly regarded rapper in the bowels of the city of Chicago.

In 2004 PHIL G. started his journey as a solo artist with the help of his 1st producer and friend Steve Reaves. They completed the album "Look Inside" which showed PHIL what it took to sculpt a full project. Eager to grow more and more he sought out talent showcases and passed out his music to people that were interested. In 2005 his album happened to fall in the hands of his high school classmate Warren "Really Doe" Trotter, who happened to be at the time a part of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label and featured on the now classic song "We Major" which also included Kanye and Nas. The album was impressionable on Warren and he welcomed PHIL to join in with him as he prepared to build his career. Thrilled at the opportunity PHIL G. joined Really Doe on stage at many big performances serving as a hype man.

Along the way PHIL never lost sight of his own stardom and goals. He used the opportunity that Warren provided to build relationships with different people in the business like DJ Tim Buck 2. Tim was the guy that really took a liking to PHIL G. and his talent and featured him weekly on his independent artist showcase on WGCI FM Chicago. Once the public started to hear PHIL on a regular basis his star began to brighten and more people began to take notice.

Over the course of the 5 years (08-2013) PHIL went on to collaborate with Pharoah Monch, Sadat X, Add-2, TREE, GLC, Really Doe, J. Ivy, El Da Sensei, KRS One and the Stop The Violence Movement, Mikkey Halsted, Drty Gnus, Que B.i.l.l.a.h., Rashid Hadee, Tye Hill, and Tony Baines and many more. In 2014 he collaborated with Jay iLLa to form the duo PhiLLaNOise and released the EP "Feel The Noise" on iTunes and all digital outlets. He has been featured on major blogs and websites but none more than Where the owner Andrew Barber continually characterizes PHIL as one of the absolute best in the city year after year. Most recently PHIL G. has embarked on a series entitled "REVIVAL" with some help from super producer Drty Gnus. He aims to deliver a dose of soul, accompanied by a message of reconciliation and love that will plant the 1st seed to healing and beginning a path to peace and happiness.