Matthew Kovacs

Fun, Bubbly Personality, Lover of all things Fashion, hoping to become a Model and also a Designer and Stylist. I love to Travel and Experience things, I study Art and Fashion. I love Fashion Books, Magazines and Movies. I love to Cook and Bake! I am a Pescatarian - Meaning I mainly eat fish, any other meat I eat is Pultry, I am a Vegetableholic! I love to Interor Decorate, I love to Shop and spend time with Friends and Family. My favorite drinks are Green Tean, Water and Cocktails. My Guilty Pleasures are Mint-Chocolate-Chip Ice-Cream, Red Velvate Cupcakes/Cake, Cinnimon Rolls, Cheese Cakes and Pizza. I am a Christian and I belive in Magic! xoxo -Matthew-