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My Name is Chizoba but most recently i'm known as ChiChi or Ms Media (or both). I'm 24 years old , currently living in NYC working for Universal Music Group/ Republic Records. I'm very hard working and love to learn, MUSIC and FASHION are two of my favorite hobbies along side talking, dancing, vlog/blogging, movies, hair&make-up, pets, family/friends, reading, traveling and oh yea im the ultimate mommas girl. I love being a woman and embrace every ounce of myself completely, flaws and all. I love people, learning their stories, and getting to know more about what this human race is. I'm working towards understanding the relationship between social media, technology and communication, and how combining those things can change the face of the Earth. Connecting people, one tweet, blog post, message, phone call and email at a time.
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