steph nemchik

Zurich, Switzerland

I am originally from freezing cold Minnesota but after having enough of that I moved to Europe where I have lived and worked for the last four years. I decided long ago that I would live my life to the best ability I could and just live it. Hence, I dedicated my ideas and passions to never succumbing to a 9 to 5 job in order to create my own path.

I went back to school a few years ago at Hamline University in order to continue learning anything and everything I possibly can and in-between every break or holiday was flying back to Europe. I have traveled the world and met people from cultures I would have never, in a million years, imagined I would. I have shared plates of food with people who I couldn’t even understand and made friends with just about everyone I have come across over my journeys.

My life has literally been the description of Wanderlust and I am perfectly okay with that. I have been writing since I was quite young so I try to keep up on several different blogs including a travel blog, food blog, and even a personal, inspiration blog. Writing, traveling, and food pretty much sum up my life in a few short words.

  • Education
    • Hamline University