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It's Chickadee~

Here is where I'll keep a longer, more elaborate profile than my Twitter (linked above).

Firstly, the icon on this page is by Razzy~

Anyway, fun stuff about me:

Chickadee | ♀ | March 25

Languages: ENG / ~ESP / ~FRA / ≈JPN


----Vocaloid (Especially Sonika, Miku, Luka, Yanhe, IA, and Aoki Lapis)

----Princess Tutu

----Miraculous Ladybug

----Tokyo Mew Mew

----Steven Universe

----Star vs. the Forces of Evil

----Yuri!!! on ICE

----Kagerou Project

----Most Nintendo franchises! (especially Pokemon & Fire Emblem)

Currently owned Vocaloids: Leon, Lola, Miriam, Miku V2, Miku V3 English, Sonika, kokone, VY2V3, Maika, Luka V4X, Daina, Prima, Aoki Lapis

Current Vocaloid wishlist: Oliver, YOHIOloid

Questions? @ or DM my twitter, or send a thing to (no account required)