Chicken Squad

Non Profit Organization in Abbotsford, BC, Canada

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The Chicken Squad is a fictional agency inspired by the real team of provincial inspectors who enforce national standards for chicken farming. Developed by BC chicken farmers who wanted to dispel myths about chicken farming in BC, the Chicken SquadTM introduces you to real BC chicken farmers who are so passionate about sharing the truths about chicken farming in BC that they are willing to act for it.

Why should I buy BC Chicken?

Buying and cooking locally is a good choice for your family and your community. When you buy local chicken, you support Canadian farmers and everyone else involved in getting that chicken to your plate. That’s reasons to buy BC raised chicken.

All Canadian chicken is free-run, grain-fed, and free of added hormones and steroids. In fact, if you watched the original Chicken SquadTM movie trailer you will know that hormones and steroids have been banned from Canadian poultry production since the 1960s.

Why is BC Chicken Best?

BC chicken meat is additive-free. Single-ingredient meat products, like boneless, skinless chicken breasts, thighs, etc. will have no ingredient lists, no mention of “seasoning,” and therefore, no additives. That makes BC chicken best.

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