Hannah Bridges

Well let's see. I'm 16 and I live in nova scotia Canada. I'm in grade 10. I love to sing, act, dance, and cook. I also love video games :P my parents are amazing as well as my 2 cats Oreo ad pixie. When i get older I plan on being a wildlife biologist. I will study at Acadia. I have a generalized anxiety disorder which seriously affects my life and stops me from doing things I would like too. I also have ADHD. I have a chronic sinus condition and occasional psoriasis. I also wear glasses. I am very spiritual And I am Wiccan. I often take courses about this online to further my knowledge. I am also bisexual. I know I'm Wiccan and bi..-_- I'm asking for a punch in the face. But I'm me and no one can change that so fun them. I am a strong supporter of LGBT rights. Love from Hannah <3 Stay classy