Kunga Choedon

About Me : As dropped down with the name Kunga Dolma later changed by my dad as Kunga Choedon.. Im known as carefree self oriented lass draped up with more of laziness in my itty bitty world of coziness nurtured by my loved one. Being an introvert from birth, I did my schooling till 8th grade from C.S.T Chauntra as a day-schooler. Asset I took from that school is that of the name ‘School Captain’ though the experience was not that glorious.Later, I was blessed with schooling in S.T.H.S Bhuntar where I was oriented with all kind of opportunities, from dancing to extempore, debate to sports, I explored myself best from that school.After staying there for two years I was selected in the Science stream in C.S.T Mussoorie but I changed my stream to Humanities/Arts as I believe my destiny was in literature (i regret a bit sometimes in some way). I had my secluded but best of time with the friends which we named Five star.Then comes the college days of fantasy that everyone conceptualize it as a garden of happy days. Though the three years went by like a swoosh of meteor but the experience was dozen, from the teacher’s look of repugnance to the other student’s racial antipathy and additionally one’s own introversion and cynicism. The time went by fast, really fast that it feels like yesterday when I came in this metropolitan city like country lamb set out in the jammed traffic.. I see myself still as that lamb but knowing bit more of the traffic rules.Conclusion : Fantasy is my world and Reality is my dream.. I’m a Human just like you who is counted on the list of earthling. Though a bit invisible, here I am contributing a good part in most of the things. Visiting different places is the smoothest thing for my eyes driving me to contribute my whole life traveling, exploring the every glimpse of surprises this beautiful earth can give.A mystery to my ownself in some way but here I’m living my life in my own way in the best way I can. I believe: I got to see more of the world than seen.Thank You to everyone who takes the time out to comment and show such an interest in the things I have to say, I will continue to write just as long as you want to read. I hope I’ve managed to help at least a handful of you in any area that you may have needed it.