Chic Metropolitan

LUXURY MEDIA COMPANY in San Francisco, California

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Chic Metropolitan was built for one reason: To be the authority of the culture barometer for our rich n famous, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, A List, Professional Athletes and celebrities as THE magazine that they want to read. To give the “What’s now and What’s new” to keep them always busy and not worried about doing the research. Our Chic Metropolitan Editors are the authority on what’s happening right now. Chic Metropolitan also gives context and content on how to dress, live and socialize, what to eat, where to party, and of course the technology that can make their lives easier. We introduce a section called Chic Real Estate. From buying a Mansion, to everything you need to put in it, and who to buy it for!!

Now one of our new things we are focused on is luxury Travel. Our Editors will travel the globe and research and experience the best of best in Travel experiences. You will be able to look at their editorials and book a trip on the spot. All you have to worry about is how your are going to extend you trip. We will pack it with so much fun and excitement you will not have time to enjoy it all in a normal vacation time.

We have been doing it for over 5 years now, blowing our competition out of the water with our Chic Metropolitan parties. We have decided to make our parties better. How can they be better? First we will do them in more cities. Book bigger celebrity performers and have big celebrities host them. I have to say we have also focused more on our magazine than our website. That is the big change you will see in 2018. We will not only put up all the articles you see in our magazines, you will see 5-10 more articles a day, more, more interviews with celebrities and professional business people who what to share business secrets and thing they are working on, and a mind blowing party photo gallery. Chic Metropolitan defines the culture of luxury lifestyle.

Advertise with us and you will be happy when our Chic Metropolitan audience calls you and shops for your products online.