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Hey you!

Thank you for finding me; I am truly honored. I go by the blogging name Chicoa; no rhyme or reason – everything else in username-world seemed to be taken.

I am a Londoner, for the moment settled in Manhattan where I work for a consulting firm. If you’ve seen the Spitting Image puppet of a grey John Major eating green peas, well that is symbolic of how I feel about my job.

I love to draw and write, (flirtatiously jumping between English and American spelling) and I have started this blog as an outlet for that. The three things I could not do without are coffee, wine and salmon (either smoked or cooked), in that order. Caffeine does not seem to affect me but wine luckily does. The coffee needs to be good an’ strong and I’m too much of a commoner at heart to pretend to be a wine and salmon elitist. I’m always on a semi to full blown diet and spend most days feeling guilty about my malnutritioned NYSC membership.

New York has taught me to love Seamless, Netflix and How I Met Your Mother. I have been fairly obsessive about all three at some point or other. I’m pretty dependent on Whatsapp and Primark pyjamas. If you have not had the privilege, please do fly to the United Kingdom and go to Primark. Cheap as chips, as we say.

There is probably more to me, but I am far too English to leave frivolity behind when selling myself on the internet.

Delighted that you took the time to want to know about me; I have started wishing strangers a great day upon leaving elevators and I wish you the same!


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