Aina O'Kane

Born in Norway, spending her teens and early twenties as a pop-rock singer Aina has a long history in the entertainment industry.. She relocated to Los Angeles in 1989 to continue music for another 10 years. She then moved into costumes for theater and became an award winning costume designer in 2004 together with Jeanne Reith. Worked for numerous special effect companies like, Cinovation, Legacy, Stan Winston Studios, Creature Effects, Disney Imagineering,Character Shop, Autonomous etc, and have now started her own company "The Critter Den".

The Critter Den is a Los Angeles based animal fabrication facility offering museum quality critters for the discerning client. We can create any creature that exists in nature or in your imagination. Please note that we specialize in quality over quantity and will not compromise.

Aina also have been working as a freelance photographer for numerous years, inbetween shooting commercials and features. You can see her photo's displayed at