Anthony Martin, Sr.

Police in Richton Park, Illinois

Anthony Martin, Sr.

Police in Richton Park, Illinois

I am an experienced career law enforcement professional with more than 40 years’ experience in police service and public safety, including more than ten-years of providing public safety and customer service at Post-Secondary institutions. My experience is inclusive of 26 years in command authority as assistant chief or Chief of Police. My desire is to become the Director of Public Safety for an institution where I can demonstrate my skills and experience successfully. My abilities include:

• Managing and policing in post-secondary institutions and local government at the city, county and state levels

• Managing is areas covered by labor agreements

• Managing public budgets within allocations

• Experience in emergency management and creating emergency response protocols

• Experience in National Incident Management Systems and Incident Command practices

• Able to assess needs and respond proactively.

• Twenty-six years of managing professional and civilian employees.

• Able to evaluate and create solutions to problems and issues quickly, appropriately and competently.

• Experienced in employee management, recruiting/interviewing, proposal writing, policy formulation and presentations.