Chien-Hung (Jeff) Chen

Cleveland OH

Hello, I am a developer at working on both developing front end experiences as well as the backend infrastructure. I am also a Computer Science Masters candidate at Case Western University with a focus in medical informatics. I am passionate about developing with web technology, creating great user experience, designing applications and life around mobile technology, and playing music.

For those looking for a condensed version of my experience/past, please go to my LinkedIn.

My current favorite language is JavaScript, and my experiences with it includes jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone, Node.js, Highcharts, developing plugins for those JavaScript libraries, creating interactive user experiences, and sometimes, just plain old hacking around to make things work in random browsers.

My other technical experiences include web development using HTML5 and CSS3, C#.NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and VB.NET. Web development aside, I have also worked in C#, Java, and C as well as a variety of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle Database.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and check out my open-sourced work on Github.

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