Joe Chierotti

reputation management consulting, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing in Denver, Colorado

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Early in his professional career, Joe Chierotti worked as the general manager for what began as a small startup and quickly grew to a profitable mid-sized company. Joe worked as a internet marketing, SEO and lead generation strategist at the company from its inception in 2008 to the day it was acquired by investors. Working closely with officers and directors, as well as the companies founders, through the businesses entire life cycle afforded Joe the unique opportunity to learn what cannot be taught in business school in a relative short period of three years or so (that seemed like an eternity during that time).

Joe has taken the knowledge he gained during his employment with the company and applied it to aid other companies through stages experienced by most small businesses.

A few months after the above-mentioned acquisition took place Joe Chierotti launched a digital PR and SEO marketing company of his own - OptimizeUp. OptimizeUp was largely successful, as it was purchased by a leading online reputation management company in 2013.

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    • Inbound & Reputation Marketing
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    • University of Colorado Boulder