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💫🍭🍧🚀hi!! my name is leafy, i'm 14, and i live in georgia!

this is a kinda a byf?

it's just my kins and other accs!

kins: (prefer if you didn't follow, but you can, i just won't tag you as them.)

-marco bodt (!!!!) (aot)

-ryuko matoi (klk)

-Maggie lacivi (AD)

-Togo mimori (YYIAH)

-uryuu minene (future diaries)

tags (ok w double tags! u can follow):

-umi Sonoda (LLSIF)

-Isabel (aot)

-chihiro (dr) (lowkey tag, doesn't rlly fully matter to me if im tagged as him or not)

-akane owari (please tag me as her!!!) (sdr2)

note: i post a LOT about my ocs!!! (Actually, just quite a bit) They mean a lot to me, so please tell me if they're bothering you, but tell me in a nice!!!way!!!please!!! also, DM me a picture of one of my kins to follow!

other accounts:

-@uryuucos (Cosplay)

-@oliverofn (art)

-@nebulites (personal)

-@leafyphotos (photography)