Chih-Yun(Riley) Tsai

Financial Analyst in 台北, 台灣

Riley is specialized in auditing, accounting and tax preparation services. Since her graduation from National Cheng-Chi University, she has permeated into these areas for about 4 years. Riley is a hard working person and also a great team leader in leading a team to handle 1000 different types of clients at the same time; to multitask effectively in the environment amid distractions, and develop SOP for newcomers.

However, even though she was doing great on her job and was recognized by her supervisors, she noticed a fact that being successful in your career does not necessarily mean you are enjoying your profession. Riley wants to become a ball of fire instead of a glutton for work; she is still enthusiastic in exploring the world, and still has energy to start her career in a whole new industry.

Riley considers herself as a Persuasive and Empathic, Strategic-Thinking, and Adventure-Conquered person. She aims to work in an interesting and continuously progressing industry and hopes to strengthen her competitive ability with the company.

Persuasive and Empathic

One of Riley’s friends once told her, "Your words can result in a convincing argument because people can't differentiate the actualities." . She is always an adviser to people around her when they face crossroads in their lives.

She is also good at observing the atmosphere among friends, co-workers and clients and she knows how to express her words appropriately according to different occasions.


In 2014, by a chance Riley started to run her personal studio. As the chief cook and bottle washer around the studio, she was responsible for every single steps in purchasing and sales. Riley also needs to develop a database to record all the details of sales, so she can review these records and amend the purchase-tactic accordingly.

Up to now, she maintains ROI over 50% and keeps improving efficiency of inventory turnover and enlarging shipments.

· Adventure-Conquered

Riley started her backpack adventure from National Glacier Park in Montana and stayed there for about 3 months in 2009. She was definitely not an outdoorswoman, but during that time, she completed 6 tough hiking trail, the hardest one spent her almost 12 hours. This exciting experience renews her sight and encourages her that she can complete everything with passion.

  • Work
    • GSK Taiwan
  • Education
    • National Chengchi University